Jesus is God. He is beautiful and worthy.
In our city there are restaurants, hospitals and supermarkets which are open day and night. We believe that Jesus too is worthy of day and night worship, prayer and adoration in Sydney Australia.

Our Vision

rencontre agen 47 Sydney House of Prayer aims to be a community that loves the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and establish night and day worship in Sydney, Australia.

Our Mission

my blog God is stirring up furnaces of prayer and worship in every nation and we are a small part of His plan to prepare His Bride.

find out here now We want to offer musicians a place where they can cultivate their gift by worshipping Jesus in the prayer room and living in an environment of prayer and worship.

check my source We want to see intercessors grow in intimacy with Jesus and see everyone with a strong biblical foundation and understanding.

naruto shippuden - épisode 39 - rencontre inattendue We want God to bring His kingdom to our community as we live in biblical koinonia. We want to partner with churches and ministries in Sydney and encourage, train, and equip churches in any way we can.

The Great Commandment  

official site The first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul
, and we aim to live this out.2 As a community captured by the beauty and worth of God we desire to live a lifestyle where the Lord is worshipped and ministered to – put in first place.3

 By becoming this sort of community we hope to serve the church in Sydney, calling her to love the Lord wholeheartedly. Finally, we want to host the presence of God through continuous worship and see others come and encounter Jesus’ beauty and worth.  

The Great Commission 

Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples 4. Our aim is to train, teach and equip young messengers by giving them the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God in and out of the prayer room. We believe that through an intimate relationship with Him, disciples will be sent out to truly be Jesus’ hands and feet and prepare the way for His return Secondly, since our children are the most likely to see the return of Jesus we want to disciple the next generation to be these priestly messengers6. Thirdly, we want to know the connection between the workplace and the house of prayer (for example, Haggai) and be a people who pray for the marketplace. Finally, we want to partner in prayer with marketplace and missions organisations to see the gospel preached to every tribe, tongue and nation. 7


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We believe that Israel is central to God’s plan for the earth. We aim to pursue a Biblical understanding of the end times and to pray for the salvation of Israel 8

Biblical references 
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